Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So whats up with Hador?

Work on Hador has been very active on several fronts as of late. Chris sent me some great sketches for review of one of the races that will be enountered on the moon of Hador. Ryan is diligently working on the map and probably shaking his fist every time I email him little tweaks like "I need a real big lake here-make it so". And the World is really coming together for me the same way Erisa did in Legends of Steel. I'm a fan of subplots and side-treks, so I'm coming up with some ideas that I think will give adventurers in a Lost World plenty to keep them occupied. I have a few of the classic tropes and plenty of new twists on some familiar themes. And though Hador is built around a specific adventure, the GM can completely disregard it and still have plenty of action and danger to throw at the players by just pointing in a direction and heading out.

The plan is to have Hador out before the end of summer.
But of course like the old saying goes : "If you want to give God a good laugh tell him your plans".