Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I''m taking a couple of weeks off...

Hey guys,
I'll be taking a break from blogging and such, in order to finish up Hador and the BoL Pulp Expansion. I really can't get anything done between blogging and all the other internet crap that I do all day.  I'm not the most disciplined person at the best of times (though I do talk a good game to the Minions).
I've found I can easily piss away a morning with just RPGNet and my Google reader and get nothing of substance done.
Now, I love this blog and I'm appreciative of all the friends and contacts I have made because of it. I just need to really get these games out. Hador was supposed to be done last year. 
If this was my job I'd  have been fired and replaced by now.
So give me a few weeks and I'll be back. I hate to leave my 100+ followers but I gotta knock this stuff out. If you need a quick Evil DM fix of gratuitous girlie pics and geeky links just pick a random year and check out the archives, I'm sure you'll find something to bop your bippy.
Aloha for a few,

Okay, one for the road...