Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A new game for the Old West

I’m sure that nostalgia is what feeds my love of westerns and my endless quest to find a gaming group that would be willing to start up a western campaign. Of all the genres I’ve played (and I’ve played many) westerns for some reason are the hardest sell. People will play mice with tiny swords before they will be willing to play a western game.  I just don’t get it- and its not like the genre hasn’t been stretched to its limits- there are classic western games, gritty western games, supernatural western games, and every major generic system has a western supplement. 

People must be buying them or folks wouldn’t spend their time writing them. The reason I’m writing about this is that I just picked up a new addition to my western RPG collection- Dave Bezio’s WildWest Cinema RPG from Spectrum Games.  

The game looks to be about “Rules Medium”.  And, as the Cinema in the name implies, geared more to the western TV shows I grew up with, than say GURPS Old West. I’ve always liked the games that Spectrum releases and their production values are top-notch, so my hopes are high for a good read and maybe a few good ideas to mine. 

You can find Wild West Cinema at RPGNow.