Friday, July 30, 2010

One of my guilty pleasures in Gaming - Spelljammer

I have to admit it I have always loved Spelljammer.  My Sweet Lord, D&D in space- how can you not love that?  Yes it had some real boner ideas. But the rest is just so cool. When my campaign world of Erisa was created it was a house rule that no Elves would be allowed. 

I used Spelljammer's Elven Imperial Fleet in the opening game of my campaign. A spelljamming Elven Fleet survey ship found the planet Erisa and sent a landing party down to investigate it. The party was almost entirely Elven, except for one Human. within hours the elves of the away team were dead from some unknown virus. The virus infected the survey ship and all Elven personnel perished.  In the end Erisa was classified by the Elven Fleet command as a hazardous planet and a cordon of fleet ships manned by non Elven personnel were stationed in the system on picket duty to make sure no one lands on Erisa or leaves it.

A later campaign involved the Scro and Neogi finding out about the virus on Erisa and trying to run the blockade and let the virus loose on the rest of the universe!

Fun times.