Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sonic Legends a great mood setter for Gaming...or Blogging

Many years ago, when I had a lot more free time, I used to love using props in my games. I used to look for the old Halloween sound effect recordings to use in my games. 

A few times I even recorded audio clips of movie battles to add flavor to a game. needless to say doing it right was labor intensive as I spent hours in front of the TV /VCR with my cassette player trying to get just the right sound bite (this is obviously when I was a lonely single geek).  Now that I'm a busy married geek I have absolutely no time at all to even consider such foolishness. But thanks to the internet and Sonic Legends I dont have to. 

Sonic Legends is a company I ran across on RPGNow that makes these wonderful recordings of background music for use in your games. The recordings run the gamut of just about all of the RPG genres, fantasy, western, pulp, horror,sci-fi,etc. Some  of them (such as the Arabian Bazaar) overlap and can be used in more than one genre. The quality of the recordings is excellent and contain little bits of background flavor noise- like the jingling of coin or a far off police siren, all seamlessly woven into the track. you could actually take different tracks and loop them together as to play softly in the back ground or you can cue them up to add an extra touch to an encounter or narrative. 

At just $2.99 a download they are affordable and addictive.  The Evil DM gives Sonic Legends- Two Hearty Thumbs-Up!