Monday, September 06, 2010

Atlas comics may be coming back from the dead.

Back in the 70’s for a few brief months, DC and Marvel had a new challenger to contend with It was called Atlas Comics.  As a young comic geek at the time this was something totally new. The only thing competing with the two giants were Charlton (blah) and a shit load of weird ass underground comix about smoking weed and having sex in the back of a Chevy van.

images  So to walk into my old comics store and see a whole slew of characters blew me away. unfortunately Atlas only lasted for a few months and finally dried up. But it was a fun ride, and the memories are still with me.

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Now according this article from CBR. there is real talk of the Atlas properties seeing print again.  now if we can just get them to get the Amalgam characters into monthly books.