Friday, September 10, 2010

Setting the record straight on Skype

A while back I posted a rant about Skype. It turns out the problem was 99% my fault. However, at the time they really had no customer service methods in place to point out that the error was on my side, so much of my frustration stemmed from the fact that their service had no one for me to talk to. I’m not sure if that has been addressed since I haven't had a need to complain about anything since.
Overall, these last couple of years Skype has proven itself invaluable to me as a means of affordable business and personal communication.  I use Skype just about everyday and have contacted people as far away as Britain and Australia. The conversations still come with a bit of a delay but for $12.00 a month unlimited access to  either computers or regular phones world-wide,  it’s not a bad deal at all.