Saturday, September 18, 2010

How much would you pay for John Carter and Tars Tarkas action figures?


If you can swing $299.99 for an action figure then you must be rich or single. Actually these guys would look very awesomely cool in your bachelor pad (or your parents basement).  The rest of us poor married Schmucks will just have to come over and drool over your Barsoomian awesomeness.

Tars here comes in at $299.00

My main gripe is that his hands have no articulation. for 300 bucks they could at least give me hands that open and close.



Tars04 Tars03

Coming in at a paltry $109.99 is John Carter (I love the fact that they have to get that “extra” .99cents).

JC04 JC01 JC02 JC03

  I can’t wait for the Dejah Thoris figure.