Monday, September 20, 2010

So what's happening at Evil DM Productions?


* Legends of Steel- BASH Edition – We have  layout guy. who will be starting work on it. Chris R. at Basic Action Games is looking  at a release around the end of the year.

*Legends of Steel ZeFRS – This has been in limbo for a while now.  There have been some changes made and we have Jason Chalker onboard on layout and we should see a release in November.

*Dicey Tales – A Pulp era supplement for the Barbarians of Lemuria system – WE are wrapping up the manuscript and Chris S. is working diligently on the art.

*The Lost World of Hador- a Lost Worlds supplement for Dicey Tales. I’m sure many of you have forgotten about this. Well I haven't. Once Dicey Tales has been released this will be the first follow-up product for it.  I just found a great new artist to help the team get the vision of Hador on paper.  John Gray is an artist out of the U.K. Here is his sight. 

And here is a sample of his work for Hador- a trio of gun-toting out of work Templars looking for their next job.

Hador Templars