Saturday, August 13, 2005

The perils of First level

Fred and his daughter came over tonight and I ran a D&D game for them and my son Anthony. They are all 1st level characters and are tackling a nest of vicious little Goblins. When you’ve played as long as I have, you can get kind of jaded about adventuring. When you’ve killed giants and Dragons, saved kingdoms and challenged the God’s themselves, what more worlds are there to conquer? But at 1st level even the difference between choosing “Color spray” or a “Sleep” spell, can spell victory or ruin for the party. Our brave heroes were tested to their limits, but thanks to the assistance of a very capable NPC Warrior/Priest, they came out alive. They even managed to secure a little treasure for their trouble. So now the goblin nest is clear and the countryside is safe once again. And in clearing out the goblin den, the group managed to unearth a subterranean passageway of worked stone that leads down into the darkness…more adventures to follow.