Thursday, August 18, 2005

Why the Blog? or "Pink in Pepsi commercial"

There are a lot of things I want this weblog to be. I want it to be informative, fun, relevant in it's own little niche, and a place that people want to come back to. Make no mistake, Blogs are in most cases a form of electronic vanity, a way for the average Joe and Jane to say "Hey! Listen to me". "Hear what I'm thinking". "Look at what I'm doing". The Lair of the Evil DM is no different. My hobbies are a very important part of my life, coming second only to my family. My hobbies more than anything else describe who I am. And at times I want to share my enthusiasms with other like minded people.
So this Blog has become somewhat important to me. It's a way for me to express my self in regards to the things I find interesting. A way to show off the small accomplishments I render. When I kitbash a cool looking figure, when I sell an article to a magazine, when I have something on my mind that the regular people in my life could care less about, this is where I go to express myself. In Hawaii I had a room all to myself, it was filled with games, toys, mementos, pictures, all stuff that I collected over the years and enjoyed. Unfortunately at the present time I don't have a room to myself and much of what was in that room is locked away in storage. So in many ways this Blog has become my den or "Lair" so to speak. So if you find yourself here after Googling "Mego" or "Pink Pepsi commercial" then stick around and have a look. If your a gamer or kitbasher, maybe something I'm working on will give you a nugget of inspiration. And if your part of the "Wednesday only" gang that's cool too, that's what the gals are there for. But in any event, don't be shy, drop off a comment and massage my ego.