Monday, August 29, 2005

Risa "work in progress"

We had a saying in my old D&D group: “once you paint them they die”. It never failed, every time we had a character in a game, once we found a Miniature figure for it and had the figure painted, the character would get it self killed. Well, I don’t paint miniature figures anymore, I graduated to kit bashing. This is a WIP (work in progress) of Risa. Risa is a character in the “Basher” PBEM game that I play in. She is a Psionicist, but makes her day to day living as a hunter and mercenary archer. It’s the first time I’ve played a Psionicist in many years. Risa has yet to shine in the group, so far her main accomplishment has been to accidentally shoot our cleric in the back during a fumbled roll in combat, but I have high hopes for her.

The figure is a GI Jane army nurse body (not as voluptuous as a PB figures from BBI but I wanted her more athletic) I used on of the “Girl force heads cause the likeness to the picture I'm using for her was spot on.

My wife did the outfit; the cape, bow, quiver and hunting knife came from Ed Cassar.

Here’s a little Bio on her:

Risa (Psychokinetic/Telepath)
Human Female, 23 years old, fair complexion, brown hair, Hazel eyes, 5'9",110 lbs
Aragossean/Abbashan mix. She speaks with a working class Aragossean accent.

st 10 can carry up to 40 LBS. can press 115 LBS. can force doors on a 1-6 (D20)
dx 17 +2 to surprise and missile attacks -3 to AC
co 16 +2 hit points per level
in 14 4 bonus Non weapon proficiencies
wi 15 +1 save VS. mind affecting spells
ch 15 +3 reaction bonus
HP 24
A/C 7
PSP 41

Literacy (1)15
Gaming (1) 15
Harnessing subconscious (2)14
Hunting (2)14
Juggling (2)16

Combat Proficiencies:
Short bow

Psionic Powers
Control Flames:14
Inertial Barrier:13
Life Detection:12
Molecular Agitation:15
Molecular Manipulation:11

Risa of course does not go around announcing herself as a “3rd level Psionicist”. She does her best to keep her abilities hidden. In character, only she knows the true extent of her abilities. While not rude, she doesn’t initiate conversation in new surroundings, preferring to listen and study the situation rather than rush in. as a hunter she has learned the value of patience and can wait until a situation presents itself to her advantage. Following is a list of some of the things a companion might start to piece together about her. some could be observed, some rumor and some she may reveal in conversation.

· No man touches her without her leave.
· Her brother is the famed Aragossean boxing champion Bardan.
· She is an extremely lucky gambler.
· She enjoys archery as a form of meditation.
· She has been to Abbashan, Broaq-Nohar, Prince Samuel’s isle, Ravvikka, and Port Karn.
· She has been in several mercenary Archer units.
· It’s rumored that she once escaped from a mountain prison in Broaq-Nohar
· She is a skilled hunter
· She seems to keep to herself but knows an odd mixture people, from young rogues to aged noblemen. From hermits living in mountain caves to whores Plying their trade in the “Night Market” of Port Karn.