Monday, August 15, 2005

What a weekend

It’s nice when things run smoothly. For me, this weekend went down as smooth as Tennessee sipping whisky. I spent Saturday morning house hunting with my wife and found a few nice prospects. In the evening Fred and his daughter came over and I ran a fun session of D&D for them and my son Anthony. Later in the evening after they left I was checking my email and found a letter from Knights of the Dinner Table magazine informing me that they had accepted an article I submitted. On Sunday, Anthony and I went to the monthly meeting of the Nor-Cal GI Joe club. I took a couple of figures for “show and tell” and had an up-close look at Fred’s Bouncer entry for the Fantasynet contest, as well as Ed’s “Mini me” blacksmith. Ed brought me some goodies that I had ordered (Throwing knives with bandoleer, and a custom Blackfoot Indian warrior). He brought his boxes of goodies and I picked up some leather armor, a pair of daggers, a maul, Mage bag, and some other miscellaneous equipment that will find their way onto my figures. I also scored three Cy Girls (a Cutie Honey and a pair of Aska’s). All of that trading and buying was followed by a lunch of burgers and dogs hot off the grill.
After that it was home and a relaxing evening with the family watching movies. All in all nothing stupendous, but still it’s nice to have everything fall smoothly into place from time to time.