Friday, August 19, 2005

Swords of Erisa

Y’know back in the old days before Blogs were invented many of us Geeks had actual websites. For instance I have a website called “Swords of Erisa”. The name is from my Homebrew campaign world of Erisa. I started creating the world back in the 80’s but it existed mostly in binders and scraps of paper. Then on 2000 I was persuaded to use it as the campaign world for a series of Play by email games (believe it or not, two of those games are still running). Erisa is a mid level magic-world more in line with Greyhawk than with The Forgotten Realms. The main issue that separates Erisa from other fantasy D&D Campaign worlds is the fact that elves do not exist on Erisa. Between keeping this blog going, running my Conan game, playing in the Bashers game, working on “Legends of Steel” and writing articles for KODT, I really haven’t shown my website a lot of attention. Maybe now that I put it in front of my face I’ll work on it a bit.