Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Big Show

I’ve been a gamer since 1978. I’ve gamed just about everywhere, from foxholes in the Army to the beaches of Hawaii. But I have never been to the “Big Show”-Gen Con. Today at work the mail clerk came in with a package for me. I wasn’t too surprised since all my eBay stuff comes to the office. But this time the package wasn’t an eBay purchase it was from my buddy Chris. Chris went to Gen Con this year and he took the time to fill a swag bag for the Evil DM.
Wow. That blew me away. We never talked about it, I never hinted at it. It was total karma from the goodness of this guy’s heart. The bag was full of online coupons, pins, cards, mini games, stickers, comics (Conan!) and of course Gen Con DICE! I was like a kid in a candy store, as I sat at my desk “ooing” at all the shiny goodies. Everyone in my office thought it was the coolest thing, and it was! Chris even had the foresight to get TWO sets of all the Conan stuff. I’ve never been to the big show, but for a few minutes today I was there in spirit.
Chris is an online buddy. I can’t even remember where or when we first met but we have been gaming online, talking action figures and hanging out for a couple of years now. Chris is one of the reasons why the internet is cool because without it I would have never met him. You have to deal with the occasional Troll and Creep online, but you also get to meet guys like Chris who make it all worthwhile, thanks dude!