Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday Score

We went to the American Cancer society discovery shop today. It’s a thrift store but a very high-end thrift store, all the volunteers are well of elderly women who are very particular about what they offer at their store. about 40% of all the donations are passed on to the local Salvation army. But despite their discriminating eye, the prices are no higher than any other Thrift store. this is the place where I found a complete set of MEGO Knights of the Round Table figure for $15.00 each. Today while perusing the book room I found a copy of D&D for Dummies ($4), a first edition DM guide ($2) and a brand spanking new copy of the 3.5 player handbook ($7).

It looks like fate is taking a hand. One of my biggest gripes about D&D 3E was the cost of the damn books. And to add insult to injury 40 minutes after I bought the 3rd edition Core rules WOTC declared them obsolete and told us we had to switch to 3.5 suddenly almost $100.00 worth of books (PH, DMG, Psionics, MM and three splat books) became totally worthless.

I suppose the Gaming gods are cutting me a break by letting me find a PHB for $7, and though I resent the fact that they felt they had to throw in a Dummies book on 3E, I still bought that too. Hell, I even bought the old two dollar 1st ed DMG (I felt it was my duty as a Gamer).