Thursday, September 14, 2006

D20 and M&M

I had a couple of friends over late Saturday and tried to DM my first 3E game.
It isn’t half bad. I like getting rid of the THAC0, all the flatfooted, threatened squares, and tactical movement is going to take a bit of getting used to. We ran a simple first level game using core book characters, nothing fancy. I can imagine what a challenge a higher-level game with players who want to bring in characters from 100 different supplements into the game would be. The prestige class thing is like the 2nd edition kits on steroids. I said a while back that 2nd edition AD&D was created for the DM’s and 3rd Edition D&D was created for the players. After reading through the books and playing a session, I stand by that statement.

Everyone who games knows that the D20 system and the OGL has allowed anyone with a computer to publish campaigns and supplements. What I'm finding out now is that a good 80% of that stuff is crap. And from what I understand from D20 veterans was that it was much worse back when the system just started. One of the companies putting out a very decent product, in my opinion, is Green Ronin. I have been looking over their Mutants and Masterminds series for the last couple of days. When I get enough D20 experience under my belt from D&D3E M&M will be my next stop. I just picked up M&M Golden Age. If I cant get the D&D Meetup guys to stop suckling off the D&D teat, maybe I can at least get them to transition to another D20 game. Don’t get me wrong I love D&D, it’s just that it can’t be the ONLY game I play. If I can get a Golden age M&M game going then at least I can get a good pulp fix that way. Jeff R. suggested that I get real good at one system and then run a whiz-bang game at a meeting to generate interest. So I'm taking his advice and setting that as my long-term gaming plan.