Saturday, September 23, 2006

PDF's rule!

Today I went with my wife on a shopping trip to Target, as usual I took along some reading material knowing that much of our visit would be in departments that hold little interest to me ( I can only spend so much time scoping out the toy and electronic aisles).
I had a copy of the new Ultimate Power supplement for Mutants and Masterminds. On our way home from the store I realized that I didn’t have the book with me. It turns out while loading the van with our purchases I left the book in the cart. We turned around and went back; luckily I found it still in the shopping cart in the parking lot. If it was a print copy I could have been out &36.95 + tax. Since it was a PDF, I would have been out the price of a binder and the trouble of printing it up.
So yes of course, nothing beats holding a real book in your hands. But the argument for PDF’s just earned a +1 in my book.