Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Inner world of Skartaris -Part 2

I finally finished my rendition of the Map of Skartaris from Warlord Annual #4 (1985). Here are a few notes taken from that issue in regards to the map.

" It is not a map of the whole inner earth, but only that part of it which has been fairly well explored by Travis Morgan in his travels. There is much more to Skartaris...this map represents only a small section of that world."

“Various cultures often have their own names for places… The Desert of Sorrows, for example, is alternately called “The Great Desert” and the “Chyron Desert” by different tribes of people. The Haunted Mountains are known to some as the “Magic Mountains,” and so forth.”

“Krystovar’s map shows only the major city-kingdoms and does not include every little town, village, outpost, or camp throughout the area. And though the map shows some known towers, temples, and ruins, it is by no means exhaustive.”

“Except for mountains, deserts, and seas, most all of Skartaris is jungle. Those places called “forests” on the map are only arbitrary borders on one large continuing jungle, named for various reasons. In some places such as “Shadow Forest” the jungle is denser, while in other places, such as around the city of “Groniko,” the jungle peters out. But it is an ever-present form of terrain throughout Skartaris.”