Friday, February 09, 2007

Erisa-World Building

Since I’m awaiting feedback from my LoS draft review team, I started some serious work on the world book for Legends of Steel. I decided to use portions of my own AD&D world of Erisa. However, Erisa will need to go under a major revamp. The main reason is that I want the world to have a Sword & Sorcery feel rather than a Fantasy feel. Even without Elves, Erisa has a distinct high fantasy feel to it. Dwarven holds, Arthurian style kingdoms, Halfling villages, Etc. I need to get rid of all of that and concentrate on a grittier, more barbaric world. I need to erase alignment from my thinking when it comes to nations and peoples. I need to forget about Demi-Humans and start thinking about the various types of peoples that would populate Erisa. So far I have that Erisa is a very old world that is making its way out of a particularly destructive, apocalyptic past there are ancient ruins from pre cataclysmic times. There are two major empires that exist; the Akkar and the Sulan. The Sulanese are a trading empire on the rise, and the Akkarians are an imperialistic military empire on the way down. In between are vast areas of untamed wilderness and a varying collection of city-states, small kingdoms, tribal nations trying to survive amongst these two giants.