Thursday, February 08, 2007


If you’re a regular visitor here at the Lair then chances are we have similar tastes. Hoping that’s the case I have to urge you to read Legend by David Gemmell. If you enjoy heroic fiction, Sword and Sorcery, or just a great adventure story- Legend is a must read. With Legend and his subsequent works David Gemmell has taken heroic fiction and set the bar so high that I doubt we will ever see his equal soon. His tales are of honorable people, broken people, troubled souls and fallen heroes, who search for meaning and redemption in an unforgiving world. He made these stories work so well that you are swept away in the first ten pages. David passed away this last year. I’m saddened at his passing, I’m saddened by his family’s loss, I’m saddened I never had the chance to meet him, and tell him how inspired I was by his work. But I can take comfort in his works, in the joy that his books will bring me for the rest of my life, and I can champion his work to every one I know who would appreciate it.
Read “Legend”, chances are you will become a fan as well.