Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Heroscape figures!

Woo Hoo! It looks like there are some new figures out for the Heroscape line.

More Kyrie warriors are always good. Air superiority plays havoc on the enemy. and the archers are a nice compliment to the Samurai warriors from previous sets.

Orcs and ghosts? C'mon, even if you don't play Heroscape these figures are worth having for any other type of gaming. Here again these pole-arm wielding Orcs are a nice addition to the earlier Orc swordsmen and archers.

Zombies! A box of Zombies! Need I say more?

And of course as with every wave a wicked set of leaders...hey wait a minute..Is that a Dwarf?

Aiya! Sure looks like a Dwarf to me. Is this guy a foreshadowing of the next wave?!

Coincidentally, I'm currently running a GURPS game. and we have discovered that the Heroscape tiles make excellent terrain tiles for GURPS. GURPS as some of you may know, bases their movement on hexes. So does Heroscape- one more reason to buy this great game.