Saturday, February 10, 2007

Kings of the Sun

Yesterday I wrote about my efforts to create a barbaric Sword& Sorcery campaign world for use with Legends of Steel. Today I began to immerse myself once again into the genre to try and glean a few new ideas. The other day I read a review of another RPG system, the reviewer stated to the effect that one of the weaknesses of the game was that it was too generic, too “Vanilla” the campaign world was a typical middle-ages western European fantasy world. I hope to steer clear of that. I’m trying for worlds more akin to those of Wagner (Kane), Gemmell (Druss), and Silke (Gath). I ran across a great “sword and sandal” movie today called Kings of the Sun. Actually it’s more of a “war club and sandal” epic. George Chakiris of West Side Story fame stars as a exiled Mayan king who settles on the coast of North America (Carolina maybe) and licks his wounds before he returns to reclaim his throne. In the meantime he makes the acquaintance of Black Eagle the chief of a generic American Indian tribe played by Yul Brynner. So Mayans meet Indians in Pre Columbian America and adventure ensues. Not Ben-Hur by any stretch of the imagination but a cool popcorn movie just the same and I pulled away a few ideas for the new LoS Erisa.