Friday, February 23, 2007

LoS Update

The long road to a final published version of Legends of Steel has gotten a bit shorter. I recently submitted a PDF copy of my first draft to about a dozen friends for a preliminary review. The feedback has been very positive. And a few revisions have taken place. I began a discussion forum for the “LoS Review Team” and we have had several lively discussions on what exactly defines the Sword & Sorcery genre and the spell casters place in Legends of Steel. I belong to several game discussion forums, and while they are amusing, I don’t take too much away from them. This forum is a bit different for me as the whole purpose of it is to improve my game and get it ready for eventual release. I’m really thankful to my team for all the assistance and advice they have given me. Some of the suggestions will be implemented some not, but all of the advice is appreciated and seriously considered.