Sunday, May 06, 2007

Another "Lair" to hang out at

For a couple of weeks I've been hanging out with a few guys over at Midnight's Lair.
Tim K. over at the exceptional and frequently updated Heropress Blog turned me on to their most excellent gaming podcast and I found my way to their forums from there. The podcast is fun and informative- covering gaming reviews, old time radio, interviews, social issues in regards to gaming, hokey jokes, and pleas for more listeners and feedback.

The forums have areas for discussing gaming, comics, TV and movies, PBEM gaming and of course an open forum. from what I gather it's an all male group, most of the active posters are from Canada and the Midwestern U.S. and several of them game together regularly.

The atmosphere at Midnight's Lair is very friendly and welcoming (hell, the first thing they do when they notice a new member is welcome them, which is cool, must be a Canadian thing). Other than good natured ribbing I've seen no indication of flaming or trolling. there are some good discussions taking place from time to time, and no energy is wasted blasting other forums, individuals or game systems. All in all they are a very positive group. If you tire of some of the posturing, posing, and grade school drama found at the other larger gaming forums, stop by Midnights Lair- Come in peace, leave your baggage and attitude at the door- and let's talk gaming and stuff.