Thursday, May 10, 2007

State of the lair

Well it’s time I did another one of these. Just so I can gauge myself and what’s going on.
All in all personally and hobby-wise, I’m being kept rather busy.

A combination of illnesses, surgeries, and bad timing has brought my tabletop gaming to an end for the present. I remain optimistic, now that the surgery is over and all. My biggest problem is finding one or two more people who I want to game with. And that’s the key, finding people is easy-
finding people you want to bring into your home and around the wife and kids is the tough part.

Legends of Steel
In February I sent drafts out to some trusted friends for feedback and advice. I got tons of both. Overall everyone liked what they saw, but there were a few areas that needed to be addressed. I’m addressing them and plan to send out a Beta to the folks in the LoS review team very soon.

Well I can finally let the cat out of the bag. What was slowing up Broadswords release was a restructuring of the licenses over at Deep7. It really had nothing to do with the game, which was already completed, but it had everything to do with releasing it. Now that has all been cleared up and it’s scheduled to come out by end of May. No really.

Another iron in the fire
One of the points that was brought up during the reviewing of the LoS draft was that the engine I built for LoS has a good chance of holding up in other genres that have the same cinematic flair as Sword & Sorcery, namely Pulp Adventure. Unfortunately it seems that lately everyone and their brother is releasing “Pulp-something”. So I started trying to brainstorm something different and yet stay in the type of gaming I enjoy so much. I finally think I came up with something.

A noted game designer named Ryan Dancey wrote some advice for aspiring game designers. Here is one of his quotes.

“Have a simple, one sentence answer to the question “why should I play this game”. (or its close variant, “what is different about this game”). If you can’t answer that question in one sentence, you’re doomed.”

Okay, so here is mine:

Mission: Adventure! is a Roleplaying game set in a "pulp-style" universe, that re-creates the action / adventure television, comic book, and toy themes of the 60's and 70's.

The key point to wrap your mind around is the time period- 60’ and 70’s.
It’s still Pulp in spirit, but it’s a whole new world setting-wise.

So basically, Broadsword The Sword and Sorcery game using the 1PG system from Deep7 will soon be out. And any spare minutes during my nights and weekends are still being spent on "Legends of Steel" and now “Mission: Adventure!” as well.