Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Broadsword- Barbaric Fantasy

Deep7 is a small independent gaming company started by Todd and Samantha Downing a few years ago. They came out with a real simple yet innovative game engine called the “1 page system”, basically all the rules you use for the game are on one page. With that and a couple of other interesting titles they were off and running. Some small success followed and things were looking good. Unfortunately, Samantha was diagnosed with cancer. After a brave fight, she died in April of 2005. To add to the tragedy of losing her, Todd’s home burned down on Valentine’s Day of 2006. As you can imagine these events, coupled with Todd now having to raise two kids on his own, have left little time for game design. As a fan of Deep7 I wanted to do something to help. With the assistance of James Stubbs from Heyoka studios and artist Jeff Hebert the creator of Heromachine, we created a game, using the 1page system, called “Broadsword.”

Broadsword is a game of Swords & Sorcery. No Elves, no Dwarves, no kindly Wizards in pointy hats, just brawny guys in loincloths and gals in chainmail bikinis fighting demons, sub-human ape-men, and evil sorcerers.
We have donated the game to Deep7 to hopefully spark some new interest in the system and maybe help Todd out a bit. We are asking those of you in the gaming community to join us in helping out one of our own by purchasing a copy of the game. You can find Broadsword available for instant download here at Precis Intermedia’s website and at RPGNow.


  1. Hey, man. I downloaded Broadsword yesterday and it's looking pretty swank. Do you know if all of Deep7's game similarly structured? I love the brief rules followed by piles of one page adventures. If I could count on that approach in the rest of the line I'd probably buy more 1PG games.

  2. Yes, all of the 1PG games are similarly structured. each has the same core mechanic and at least 6 scenarios. the various titles have different genre specific sections though. for instance
    "Pax Gladius" has rules for Chariot races.
    "Agent S.E.V.E.N" has rules for spy gadgets.
    "Battle force Bravo" has rules for dying horribly.

  3. I don't know that I need another barbarian RPG, but I also don't know that my wife needs another pair of shoes.

    Plus she likes barbarian RPGs.

    Four bucks, huh? For a good cause, too...

  4. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Oh snap! Thanks for letting me know about this. I love the 1PG games. :) :) :)

    (Aka the late 'n' lamented Rolmir)

  5. Anonymous6:20 AM

    I just bought it yesterday. I really like the "Chain Mail Bikini" advantage that treats a chain mail bikini or a loin cloth the same as full metal armor as long as that's all you're wearing :-)