Thursday, May 17, 2007

An update on the ZeFRS project

Back in April I posted about a project to bring the TSR Conan game back from the dead.
The ZeFRS project is making steady strides towards becoming a reality. Over half of the core book has been uploaded to a website, there is a PDF copy being prepared, we have a dedicated forum to toss about ideas and discuss all aspects of the Sword and Sorcery genre, and we are preparing a Fanzine titled “Scrolls of the Red Brotherhood”. All in all a very solid effort from a group formed around a three year old discussion thread on RPGNet.

There was a similar effort begun for the FASERIP gaming system a couple of months back- there was a lot of buzz and over $1000.00 was raised to pay Phil Reed to write it. That project has since languished. It seems that Phil got a full time job, and the project we paid him for was promptly put on the back burner, the last update was in April. I’m sure it’ll eventually arrive, but I’m getting ho-hum about it. I’d much rather divert my enthusiasm to ZeFRS.