Thursday, May 24, 2007

A long time coming and way overdue

Noted fantasy artist Jim Holloway finally has a website showcasing some of his marvelous work.
For me Mr. Holloway's art personifies gaming. His works conveyed adventure, action, and humor. His illustrations are filled with life and movement, when you look at a Holloway illustration you often get the feeling you just walked into the middle of something, whether it's a gunfight, a car chase, or a horde of zombies trying to break down a door. Jim Holloway was the first artist that showed me the funny side of lizard men- His illustrations taught me to lighten up, that D&D could be goofy and fun from time to time. During my personal Golden age" of gaming in the 80's I was a TSR fanatic D&D, AD&D, Gangbusters, Star frontiers, Mini games, Dragon magazine, Etc. I bought em all and Jim Holloway's art was in all of it. I was never into the stark,dark and brooding styles of later artists. I gamed to get away from dark and brooding. Although, Holloway could do terror. the opening page of the Chill book proves that - remember,the hand coming out of the grave and the old guy with the pistol- classic.