Tuesday, November 27, 2007

50,000 hits!

We reached 50,000+ hits! Not too shabby for an off the cuff effort. As Blogs go I’m not exactly shaking the pillars of heaven. No deep morale or political rants, no great insight on my life or the workings of my psyche, no long diatribes on roleplaying theory. The Lair of The Evil DM was created as a place for me to post some photos of my action figure kit bashes, write about the games I’m working on, and gather together a lot of the crazy stuff I see on the net every day.

Occasionally I post opinions and reactions to trends in the hobbies that I find interesting but mostly it’s become a place to hang out for a few minutes, check out some links, have a chuckle, and catch some eye candy. I’m okay with that and from the looks of things, folks out there like the formula as well.

Someone once remarked that my Blog is “like a Maxim magazine for gamers”, I liked that description so much I use it as the Mission Statement here. Thanks for stopping by, leaving comments and hanging out with me for awhile.