Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pulp Thursday

Galactic Central
Here is a great repository of pulp magazine covers

Cool Blog Alert! With a touch of Russian SF art! Just the thing for some retro –pulp sci-fi inspiration. Thanks Kenny!

And that post led me to this website. I don’t know what the hell they are saying but this guys stuff rocks on ice for Pulp inspiration.

Fu Manchu & Shang Chi
One of my desires for the Mission: Adventure! project is to run a pulp game using the story line ideas from The Master of Kung Fu series that Marvel Comics did in the 70's. Here is a nice site for everything you wanted to know about Pulpdoms most famous Oriental Villain.

Here is another Chronology of the Master of Kung Fu series

Octopus pulps…no really Octopus pulps
There’s more of them than you would think.

Need a map of the planet Mongo? Who doesn’t?
Try this cool Flash Gordon site.

And, as I’ve said before my idea of Pulp extends beyond masked Crimefighters, Barbarian kings and two fisted sailors. I find many a pulp character in a variety of settings.
Two fisted action?
Larger than life characters?
Thrilling escapes?
Huge Afros?
You can find it all here in SOLID!
I don’t really play D20 games but some D20 stuff is just too original to pass up. SOLID turned out to be a fun read and provided inspiration and fodder for several ideas I’ll be stealing in the near future. And the price is right at $5.99

Free holiday stuff!
While gathering info on SOLID! I ran across this freebie from Evil Hat and Atomic Sock Monkey. I haven’t had a chance to check it out, but I hear only good things about both companies. Plus its pulp and it’s free!

“It’s the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year… For EVIL!
The miserly villain Doctor Scrooge hides behind legal technicalities as he steals from the pockets of the impoverished… explorer-gone-mad Jacques Frost preys upon the peoples of the north with his resurrected prehistoric murder monsters… the immortal Baroness Blackheart quests for the Elixir of Life, threatening to destroy all foundations of happiness for mankind…
… and it’s up to Nick Saint — Codename: Secret Santa! — his Reindeer Men, and you to save the holidays from their vile clutches!
Spirit of the Season is a holiday treat from the minds of Evil Hat Productions and Atomic Sock Monkey Press. Featuring characters and new rules compatible with both Spirit of the Century and Truth & Justice, Spirit of the Season is your ticket to two-fisted holiday pulp adventure!”

And thats your Pulp Thursday Report!