Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The State of the Lair

I mentioned a few posts ago that despite the accident, I wasn’t gonna turn this into an “Oh woe is me” blog. But there have been a few requests as to my well-being (and by the way thank you for the thoughts). So okay, a small update: I’m off work (doctor’s orders), convalescing. I had an MRI the other day and was diagnosed with Severe Spinal Stenosis. It sounds bad huh? Well it ain't life threatening but it sure hurts like hell, especially after a long day. I have an appointment to see a Neurosurgeon to see if anything can be done to help the pain. I hope so.

I had planned a big play test of LoS for the weekend following the accident. Since the accident that session has been put on hold indefinitely. I’m still working on LoS, mostly campaign and GM stuff. The game itself is ready to play. Art, editing and formatting are all that needs to be done.

The Broadsword expansion is about done. I was stuck for the longest time on a section but Tim K (Heropress Blog) helped me out and rescued me from the rut I was mired in. Many thanks good Sir Knight.

So far the Broadsword expansion has:

*6 new Advantages

*A color map of “The World of Broadsword”

*A gazetteer giving a brief overview of over a dozen realms and locations for running adventures. Now keep in mind this is a 1PG project okay? What I mean is don’t expect nation write ups that go on for three pages. I give a brief look at the realm in question and do a S.W.O.T analysis that offers adventure opportunities and hooks.

*A bestiary that offers 1PG write-ups for over forty common and not so common creatures.

*I’m also thinking of tossing in a little something about coinage and equipment lists, since that seems to be something quite a few people felt was lacking (equipment lists-oh joy).

My adventure for the Idyll 1PG, “For Love and Honor” an ode to Romantic adventure in the vein of “The Mad King” and “The Prisoner of Zenda” is still in the works. If all goes well it might even be released to coincide with the DVD release of Stardust.

4Color Adventure!
I was complaining a few weeks back about the whole FASERIP fiasco, feeling that it was never gonna come out. Well it did, so I can shut up now. And more than that, I can actually DO something with it. And the something is 4Color Adventure! Or, as its affectionately known here at the Lair, the “Not another damn Pulp game” project.
That’s right, I’m taking the 4-C “toolkit” and I’m gonna see if I can shoe horn some pulp style rules into it. Including an attempt to get out of the 1930’s pulp box and try some post WWII pulp adventure Ala- Johnny Quest, GI Joe, Man from U.N.C.L.E, and the Destroyer books.