Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pulp Thursday

Have you noticed that Pulp Thursday hasn’t exactly been coming out on Thursdays?
Well it’s not you, it’s me. I have lots of irons in the fire at the moment both professionally and personally, so for the time being please bear with me. One day we’ll bet back on schedule, and with that said:

Dial “P: for Pulp!
It’s that time again. Time for you to get over to the Dial P for Pulp! Site and download the latest episode!

My buddy Paul Schultz presents: The serial Squad.
Paul Schultz is an illustrator and a friend of the Lair. His latest project- Serial Squad looks very promising

I’m looking forward to this. Paul, please keep me in touch on your progress.

Young Indiana Jones
It’s out! It’s on the shelves! It’s at my Amazon store! (*wink, wink nudge, nudge*)
No more downloading pirated episodes on EMule only to find out it’s a dubbed episode from Russia. You can actually, honestly own a copy of your very own!

Now if they can just get a DVD set released for "Tales of the Gold Monkey" and the "Conan the Adventurer" cartoon series, I’d be a happy geek!.

Solomon Kane
The Solomon Kane movie is moving along nicely. James Purefoy is aboard to play the grim Puritan. I enjoyed the hell out of Purfoy’s portrayal of Mark Anthony in the awesome HBO series Rome, so I have only happy thoughts for this film. *fingers crossed*

"Night Calls the Green Falcon"
Robert McCammon is a wonderful writer of horror and suspense. He has stories about aliens that terrorize a small town in West Texas and an OSS agent who just happens to be a Werewolf. One of my favorite stories from Mr. McCammon is a short story of a former serial movie star who has on last adventure hunting a killer in modern day Hollywood. It’s a great story and it’s on the web for free. Invest a few minutes and read about the final adventure of the Green Falcon – you wont regret it!

Crimefighters RPG
Call of Cthulhu is generally regarded as the Granddaddy of the pulp RPG genre. There is no doubt that it is a classic. But did you know that in 1981 in a gaming magazine called The Dragon, a young game designer by the name of Dave Cook came up with the first “Two–fisted” Pulp RPG? Before Spirit of the Century, before Hollow Earth expeditions, before Justice Inc, and Daredevils, there was – Crimefighters! Check it out and let me know what you think.

And THAT is your Pulp Thursday report!