Saturday, November 17, 2007

Theo Spark

Theo Spark-"An Englishman's view" is a blog I ran across a few months ago. It's a highly-charged and opinionated political blog, with some funny features, hard-core satire
and some really hot Babes (I snag stuff from there all the time).
The reason I'm mentioning Theo Spark is because recently Google slapped an objectionable content label on his blog. For what reason I don't know. The last time I looked, Google was all about freedom of speech and open communication. The politics on Theo Spark are a certainly to the right of Google's but none of it is grotesquely offensive. The gals show a little more than they do here, but in no way is it as graphic as I've seen on other Google sponsored blogs. So my only answer is that someone over at Google doesn't care for Theo Spark's politics. And they are using their position at Google to harass the blog. That's not right. That's not American. And last time I checked Google was still an American company.