Friday, November 02, 2007

Star Frontiers-still going strong!

A few months ago I wrote about the Star Frontiers game getting a well deserved face lift thanks to Mega- Fan Bill Logan. Since then not only has Star Frontiers seen a revitalization but Bill has also managed to release a series of PDF fanzines whose quality and frequency would make quite a few game publishers avert their eyes in shame. Star Frontiersman Magazine, which first appeared in March of this year is now on issue #7!

But the newest "cool thing" in the Star Frontiers universe is Bill's brand new Star Frontiers website! You have got to see this place- every thing you could possibly want for Star Frontiers can be found here- links, downloads, message boards, even a chatroom. Not only is it chock full of resources it's probably one of the slickest looking fan sites I've ever seen. If you are a fan of Star Frontiers, if you played it years ago and have fond memories, or if you just want to see how a fan site should be done, you owe it to yourself to check out this site.

I don't really follow the gamer awards thing closely at all but for what its worth I think Bill Logan deserves to be flown out to Gen Con and given some type of fan award for taking an old classic and shining it up. Star Frontiers looks like a Million bucks due to Bill putting in some serious hours and brain cells on this project.