Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Birthday USA!

First off Happy 4th of July!

We ain't perfect, but there is no other place I'd rather live.


When discussing the D20 OGL I always said "Now days any idiot with a computer and a pirated copy of Adobe Acrobat can call himself a game publisher".

Yesterday I became that idiot.

I'm still all giddy about Evil DM Productions being granted a License to produce material for Savage Worlds. Now the work begins.

In addition to Legends of Steel I have several other projects to port over to the Savage Worlds system. Yesterday I managed to get in a few hours of writing. It wasn't solid, focused uninterrupted writing, it was more of the kind where you are constantly dealing with "Daddy, Nick wont play with me."
"Daddy what are you doing?"
"Daddy I'm bored."

I guess the answer would be to write when every one else is asleep. But that's when I want to sleep too. I know there are a few writers who visit here- how the hell do you guys balance things?


Last night while writing I got to thinking about a couple of gaming combos that would be real cool.

A while back I mentioned mixing Savage Worlds with the TV series Jack of all Trades. Last night I was thinking about using Savage Worlds for spy/pulp/low powered supers campaign using the world of the Black Coat.

The Black Coat is a title from Ape Entertainment. The Black Coat is a colonial version of the Shadow / Zorro/ and the Phantom. Very cool premise.

I think Rob Rogers made mention of colonial era supers in his Devil's Cape universe as well.

I'm thinking this might also work with Precise Intermedia's Colonial Record or Colonial Gothic from Rogue games.

Another thought that occured to me is taking the Venture Bros. Cartoon and adapting it with Toon from Steve Jackson games. I haven't played Toon in years. Venture Bros. is damn funny and with the right GM a Toon version of the Venture Bros. would be hilarious!

OK back to work.