Saturday, July 05, 2008

The work begins

Wow. Since the news the other day of Pinnacle granting Evil DM Productions a Savage World license, things here at the Lair have been busy indeed. In addition to porting over material for the Legends of Steel conversion, I have been in contact with both Heyoka Studios and artist Jeremy Mohler to discuss various aspects of getting LoS ready to go.

I’m pleased to announce that Heyoka will continue layout and distribution for LoS as it did for World of Broadsword. And Jeremy is slated to produce the cover for Legends of Steel-The Savage Worlds Edition.

I’m not going too overboard though in discussing my plans for the line, I’m kind of worried about jinxing myself. As gamers we have all seen dozens of great ideas and big announcements trumpeted across the net only to be abandoned and forgotten for lack of follow-through or just bad luck. Which is sad really; Because whatever your personal feelings about a system or campaign world, that system or world was somebody’s dream, and to see a dream fizzle and die sucks.

So you may not hear me talk about this LoS project too much in the future tense. When I do hit a milestone I’ll give y’all a heads up though. Thanks for the emails of encouragement, they really do help keep me focused.