Sunday, July 27, 2008

"We now return to: Cartoon Action Hour!"

A few years ago I ran into a game called Cartoon Action Hour (CAH), put out by a small outfit called Spectrum Games

The game was all about playing in the world of Saturday morning cartoons. Especially the serialized cartoons of the 80’s He-Man, The Thundercats, Thundarr the Barbarian, The Go-Bots, GI Joe:Real American Hero, etc. Unfortunately I was in a place where gaming was not happening anywhere. I still bought it, read it, and loved it.

I even bought a couple of great supplements for it , one called Darkness Unleashed which was about a GI Joe type mission force that battled a cabal of monstrous and undead villains, very reminiscent of Nick Pollota’s excellent Bureau 13 stories.

And another called Star Warriors . It has an amazing cover that just totally reminds me of a "Guardians of the Galaxy" comic from my youth. How cool would THAT campaign be to play?

Truth be told, the character generation rules were a bit clunky, but the premise was totally original and fresh at the time. Unfortunately CAH ended up on my special shelf of cool games that I’ll probably never get a chance to play.

End of story.

Until now…
I just got a heads up that the author of CAH, Cynthia Celeste Miller is ready to unveil Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2

It promises, among other things, a simplified Character creation system, a brand new system of Traits and streamlined combat more in tune with, well…Toons.

I often see messages on various gaming forums asking for recommendations for a good starter game for kids. Well folks, this just may be the one. The focus and the genre sure is the right one. I guess we’ll just have to await its release and see how it plays. This baby is a must have for me, as my minions are now of an age where gaming is a cool thing to do with daddy!

I contacted Cynthia and she has given me permission to publish her company email here at the Lair so that you can obtain your own PDF preview of CAH2. You can reach her at:

Drop her a note. And make sure you let her know the Evil DM sent ya!