Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sword & Sorcery flavored Caption Contest at Heromachine.com

I've teamed up with my good buddy Jeff Hebert over at Heromachine.com to offer you the chance to win your very own custom black and white illustration from a professional illustrator!

It's like going to a comic book convention and getting a drawing, only free.

And over the internet.

And without scantily clad models for new gaming systems running around.

Here are a few links to some of the prize winners in the past so you can get an idea of what you might have done:
Hephaestian, a blacksmith babe; Celtica, an Irish warrior princess; Cyborg Ranger; a Vampire Pirate; and Deadlands character Jessie McTavish.

And all you Bloggers out there pass the word along. Let's show Jeff some Geek Karma!