Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bible Battles on History International this Saturday

In light of our usual Friday night festivities, Saturdays here at the Lair are pretty relaxed. This Saturday night we'll most likely be curled in our furs watching a little History channel (International).

This looks particularly cool.

Bible Battles
In one of the most hostile lands on the planet, an ancient people called the Israelites forged an army and carved out an empire. Their ancient military exploits are described in one of history's most famous religious texts--the Old Testament of the Bible. But by reading between the religious lines, military historians unlock the soldiers' secrets of the Bible by examining the weapons, strategies, and the commanders, some of whom are not always thought of as warriors, like Abraham, Moses, and Deborah. In this 2-hour special, we explore the biblical world from a military perspective from the time of Abraham until David's ascension to the throne. Blood often flows more freely than holy water in the days of the Old Testament, and the military secrets of the Bible have yet to be revealed...until now