Friday, August 07, 2009

Quick ass gaming!

Even though I'm well entrenched in the world of Barbarians of Lemuria, I still have the hankering to BUY MORE GAMES.
Luckily you guys have been using the handy dandy link to RPGNow over there on the side of the blog.
Because of your kind support I just picked up a couple of offerings from an outfit called Hex Games.

The first is a lite generic system called QAGS (I'm all about "lite" systems at the moment). The other one is called The Adventures of Sindbad.

Both are on sale at the moment. I can't tell you too much more about them other than they look fun. They have a Pulp looking Sci Fi expansion called Rocket Jocks which I might pick up if these first two make a good impression.

I'm hoping for the best. These guys look like they have a lot of fun putting out these games. I hope to report good stuff to you all in a few days!

Thanks again guys for using my RPGNow link!

Update: as a first-This may or may not work, I'm gonna try and Twitter my thoughts on they come to me.