Friday, August 14, 2009


I've been working quite a bit lately with Simon of Beyond Belief games as we get Legends of Steel-BoL edition ready for release and he started talking to me about "Guns of Laredo" this is a Western RPG he's been working on using the BoL rules. Guns of Laredo (GoL) will be set in a fictional west more akin to the spaghetti westerns of the 60's and 7
0's than to the usual "John Ford western" or even the historical west. Simon's approach appealed to me as i have always been a fan of the adult western series paperbacks that flooded bookstores in the 80's ( Edge, Ruff Justice, Adam Steele, Lonestar, the Gunsmith, the Renegade,etc.).
I then started talking to Simon about my ideas for a pulp rpg set in the post war era rather than the typical pre-war 1930's.

As the discussion evolved it became more and more apparent that the early post WWII years would be an awesome time to run a pulp game in. In fact
many of the same tropes you find in your standard 1930's pulp era still apply, with the added bonuses of the dawn of the atomic age and a whole rewrite of the world map taking place.

The world at that particular time was a great big jumble of chaos, and a group of "Adventurers" with a set of balls could set themselves up for life by running guns, smuggling refugees, hunting Nazis, thwarting Commies and maybe even uncovering the seeds of a possible alien invasion.

And so was born my next foray into the BoL system which I am naming 1946.
I figure between Louis L'Amour adventure stories, the Republic serials, and all the Manly men mags of the period I'll have plenty of fodder for thought.