Thursday, January 11, 2007

BASH brings it on!

Yesterday I was itching to buy a game, and as I was looking over RPGNOW, I ran across a game called BASH – Basic Action Super Heroes. I love universal systems and this one looked relatively successful- It had good user reviews, a couple of supplemental products, a free fanzine, and a very attractive price of $5.00- for five bucks I figured I could take a chance.
Back on October 19th I posted a gamers mantra here on the Blog. One of the points was:

“Buy the good stuff, and tell people about it. Hell, buy the bad stuff, and warn people about it.”

So I put my money where my mouth was and purchased BASH. I’m happy to say it was money well spent. I’ve been reading it over this evening and it makes me want to play, which is the best compliment I can pay a game. The rules are fast and light- a very easy read. The art is just okay-but it does convey the impression of an action packed game- so it does its job. They even provide a “Printer friendly” version without the art to save paper, this is a nice touch that I wish more companies offered. I honestly can’t review it since I haven’t had the chance to play it. But as it stands I will be playing it at my first opportunity. In fact, I’m eyeing the Fantasy supplement at the moment and will probably be buying it shortly.

For affordability BASH is hard to beat. The other day I was at a game store looking at the new Runequest game by Mongoose, each those anorexic books costs $24.95 or more and you need at least three of them to have a complete game. One of the books doesn’t even reach 100 pages. What a joke.

So you want to step up for the little guy? Help out small business? Encourage efforts to produce fun low cost games? Give BASH a look. Hell, if you really don’t want to pony up a five spot for a game then download their free magazine and give it the once over. There are a couple of adventures and a few articles in there to mine for ideas.