Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sword and Sorcery Saturday

I’m the kind of reader who absolutely cannot start a series in the middle. Because of that I have about a dozen or so part two or part three books lying around waiting for me to locate their predecessors. Today we made the rounds of the local used bookstores where I managed to complete not one but two collections that have been sitting around in the house for a while. And best of all they’re Sword and Sorcery titles! I just finished a Victorian age thriller and was about to begin a Western, but it’s been too long since I cracked a good sword-slinging tale. The books I found were Hadon of Opar by Philip Jose Farmer and Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer Book 2 "Lords of Destruction" by James Silke.
I’m starting with the death dealer books. And if the first few chapters are any indication, it was the right choice. It’s down and dirty S&S action with plenty of gore, sultry witches, barbarians, and wicked fights- I start to miss these kinds of stories after a while.