Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Evil DM's album

In my daily net surfing I run across a lot of photos. many of them I save for use here. some however languish in my files for months looking for just that right post. Here are a bunch that have been waiting a bit some may eventually make their way to a post but for now they sit in The "Album of misfit pics" waiting for a blogpost to claim them.

Atlas Comics holds a lot of memories for me. they had a short run but there are still old guys out there like me who remember...

I was gonna use this gal as a character in my Lost Worlds PBEM game, she was to be cast as a "Jungle Princess" but she lost the role to one of my action figures.

Here are a couple of pics that didn't make the cut for my FASERIP Pulp gamebook. the first was from an old Marvel monster mag, the second from a trading card game.

I love the expression on this gal. You should see the whole pic. YOWZA!

Can you say "Creepy kid"?

You gotta love this old Long haired leaping gnome.

Love her or hate her, the girl can sure take a hot photo.

Must be the Danish army.

Teddy, now more than ever!

Is this a cool "Evil DM pic or what??

Awesome shot!

God I miss "Firefly". Fox network, you fucking idiots, you completely screwed the pooch on this one.

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