Friday, January 12, 2007

WARP 11-She make it so

In my heydays of gaming back in the late 80’s – early 90’s I hooked up with a bunch of guys from Carmichael. We gamed maniacally- we started on Friday evening and sometimes went non stop through the weekend except for Taco Bell runs and Mountain Dew infusions. One summer we were mostly all unemployed and living in a pair of upstairs lofts of a house that one of the guys inherited. It was a cool crazy time of music videos, porno movies, blasting stereos, girlfriend meltdowns, and of course all night gaming- D&D, Champions, GURPS, Traveller, Cyberpunk, even a weird ass game called vampire. One of the guys was Karl. Karl was the luckiest guy on earth. He had a job AND a hot girlfriend, Dawn, who was not only totally cool but she also liked to game (she ran Ravenloft). Karl always had something about him, a mystique if you will (Charisma of 16 at least). He was a guy you just wanted to hang out with. He’s still got it. Here is Karl and his band WARP 11 (Karl is the singer by the way). Karl if you’re out there- I miss ya buddy. Good times my friend, good times.