Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday gaming

Well today was the second official meeting of my GURPS Castle Falkenstein group. We are using the GURPS 4th Edition rules. When the first call for gamers was made a month or so back 7 answered, back then I said if I got two or three solid players out of the group that showed up, I would be happy. Well my wish came true. Out of the seven, 5 flaked out for one reason or another. The last to bail was a player that just couldn’t get the swing of the genre. To be honest, the two that remained were actually the ones that were the most promising. I would rather have two players that are into the genre and involve themselves in the campaign that a dozen players who just wait till the fights occur so they can roll some dice. Don’t get me wrong I love slinging dice as much as the next geek, but if combat just for the sake of combat is all you want, well then you’re at the wrong table. Anyway today’s game went off without a hitch and we were all reacquainted with the lethality of the GURPS tactical combat system.