Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Old School Gamers

Old school Gamers-

• Had to play with six-sided dice until they could get the right ones.
• Judged the value of a game by the weight of the box.
• Rode the bus across town to the one hobby store that had a TSR rack.
• Played Judges Guild modules as is.
• Rolled pages of character stats to try and get that perfect character.
• Point-Based character generation never even occurred to us.
• Used the words Rock, Stone, or Iron somewhere in their Dwarf’s name.
• Never questioned the rules. If a Cleric couldn’t use a sword then that was it.
• Played Chaotic Neutral all wrong- but nobody cared, we were having too much fun.
• Loved nothing more than cleaning up a law level zero space-port with a couple of Gauss guns and a lot of attitude.
• Had one character that used matched pairs of Lucern Hammers in combat, until somebody actually saw what a Lucern hammer looked like.