Thursday, August 02, 2007

The A/T Joe's are showing up at Wal Mart

A few weeks ago I posted about a set of Wal Mart exclusive 12” Kung Fu grip Adventure team GI Joe’s. It's been fun watching the boards light up regarding these latest Wal-Mart Joe's. The figures are being offered in vintage style packaging and run about $11.00 which is an excellent price not only for the collector but also for the casual buyer who may want to pick one up for nostalgia's sake, but doesn't want to pay $29.99.

I love hearing the excitement of all my fellow “Joe heads” out on the hunt, it reminds me of the late nineties when 1/6 scale figures were hitting the shelves in force. Good times.

I think that the strategy for Wal-Mart is they have the Joe's, but they are waiting for the weekend to display them. Of course some stores may be putting them out early just to get a jump on the weekend display assignments. As far as Wal-Mart management is concerned its just another toy that has to be put on the shelf by X date. I checked two stores here in Sacramento and nothing yet. But many of the shelves are cleared so I think there may be a major restocking and re configuring of shelf space coming before Saturday. Friday evening may be a good time for another Recon.

My prediction is that we'll see the Joe's on display this weekend.

It would be interesting to see how many Wal-Mart haters are gonna quietly break ranks to snatch up a set of A/T Joe's.