Thursday, August 30, 2007

Savage Worlds Explorer Edition

Well now I guess we know it can be done. A game company can come up with a complete, high quality version of their core rules for under $10.00

Pinnacle Entertainment has done just that with their Savage Worlds Explorer edition- It’s the size of a graphic novel, full color, high quality, and yes it retails for $9.99. The gaming boards are abuzz with this product. Pinnacle has made an excellent marketing move; I bought two copies and am considering buying a third. I can throw them in my bag have a pick-up game at a convention and when somebody at the table says they don’t have the rules, I have extras. I really hope other companies see the success of pinnacles gamble and follow suit.

So, my new message to the bigger game companies: You want me to fork over $40+ dollars for your new “state of the art” campaign? Well then sell me the rule book with production values that match Savage worlds: Explorer’s Edition, for under 10 bucks, and let me take a look at your core engine. And don’t whine to me about costs, cause now I know you can do it.